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Our Story

Pond2Pro Difference

At Pond2Pro we strive to create great quality products for everyone from the Pond to Professional fishermen. It all started with our (CFO) Chief Fishing Officer "Mike Watson". As a kid, he would fish local ponds that were highly pressured. He learned how to catch fish in areas that others had just fished. He started fishing tournaments as a non-boater and joined a local bass club. After many years as a non-boater, he took the leap and bought a boat. He has competed and held his own with some of the best bass fishermen in the nation.

He would go to the local and national fishing shops to buy his baits and then noticed the quality was continuing to go down and the prices were going up. He also had a hard time finding the designs he wanted and the colors that would catch fish. Mike started making lures for his personal use. He started catching fish and winning tournaments with his own baits. People from his bass club and anglers that he would fish with started asking him if he can make some for them. Pond2Pro was born. 

Many of our fishing lures are handmade, we mix our own paint for our unique colors and we use a special process to make sure the paint on our baits do not chip as easily as other competitors. I know you will enjoy my tournament tested Pond2Pro lures, I worked hard on them.

Mission Statement: Become a leader in the fishing gear industry by providing the highest quality professional fishing gear at a reasonable price for every level of fishermen from the pond fisherman to the professional.

Pond2Pro's handmade fishing lures utilize the latest lure designs coupled with ultra-hard proprietary paints that are built to last. Because every lure is handmade, unique imperfections are part of the allure.