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Droppy Shotter Hookie (Pack of 3)

The Droppy Shotter Hookie is paired perfectly with the Droppy Shotter. In Bass Fishing, this is commonly referred to as a dropshot hook. The dropshot hook is commonly used for Bass, Walleye and any other species you can think of. This hook design allows you to give a natural presentation with the bait perfectly horizontal that the fish can't resist. This design is best used around rocky bottoms and weedy areas where Bass, Walleye and other fish like to hang out. The V-Shaped eye allows you to easily adjust the amount of line from the weight without tying a new knot. The swivel design helps eliminate line twist and the high-quality hook allows you to securely hookup every time. 

Does not come with Droppy Shotter / Weight. Click here to purchase!

Handmade in the USA by Pond2Pro

Tournament Tested by Mike Watson

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Category: Drop Shot

Type: Drop Shot Hook

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