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Hasty Breakneck - 6 Color Options (Pack of 3)

The Hasty Breakneck is a new swimming Bass jig head that is designed to crawl a worm or swimming type bait over rocks or through weeds. Its sleek profile allows it to slip over weeds and brush, swim through open water or skip under docks where big Bass hide. It could also be used with a stop and go technique which will allow the bait to flutter as it sinks back into the strike zone. Another great Bass fishing technique is to rip it out of weeds for violent reaction strikes. It's made with a super strong long shank premium Gamakatsu hook.

    Handmade in the USA by Pond2Pro

    Tournament Tested by Mike Watson

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    Collections: Pond2Pro Lures

    Category: Bass Jig

    Type: Jig Head

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