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Little Bassturd - 4 Color Options (Pack of 4)

The Little Bassturd is a standup mushroom head Bass jig. When paired with a finesse bait, it can be deadly for catching large numbers of Bass quickly. This type of Bass jig is commonly known as the Ned Rig or TRD. Most fisherman use half of a wacky worm or small creature baits. This technique is extremely effective when the bite is tough or in highly pressured waters. This jig is also effective for Walleye, Perch, Crappie and many other types of fish. Paired with a strong Owner hook and a wire bait keeper, you can be sure that when you hook into a big fish, it will stay on and so will your bait.

Handmade by Pond2Pro in the USA

Tournament Tested by Pond2Pro

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Collections: Pond2Pro Lures

Category: Bass Jig

Type: Finesse Mushroom Jig

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