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Swayalicious - Chartreuse / White Head (3 Skirt Options)

Swayalicious is also known in Bass fishing as a swing head Bass jig. This is a newer jig that is designed to go through the thickest of cover to find Bass. The premium Gamakatsu offset shank hook allows the jig to be hooked weedless, with your favorite plastics. When everything else will get hung up, the Swayalicious will get the job done. The jig swims true and comes through all types of weed and wood very well. Anglers typically pair this with a plastic craw, swim bait, or grub. This jig is typically slowly reeled in like a swim bait or thrown on top of weed mats like a frog. Bass typically react best to this bait when pulled through weeds, bounced off rocks, or wood. This jig will go where most anglers can’t get a swim jig into, which is usually where the big Bass hide.

Handmade in the USA by Pond2Pro

Tournament tested by Pond2Pro

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Category: Bass Jig, Jigs With Skirts

Type: Swing Head Jig

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