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Swinging Stewie with 4 Color Options (Pack of 2)

The Swinging Stewie is referred to in Bass fishing as a swinging football head jig. Bass love to search for crayfish and other food around rocks and weeds. The football head allows this jig to be fished around this structure without getting hung up. The premium Gamakatsu offset shank hook allows your favorite plastics to be hooked weedless. This jig is typically used around rocky points, sand flats, rocky drop-offs, or weed edges. The swinging action allows the bait to float upward like a defensive crawfish or bait eating off the bottom, this action is irresistible to big largemouth and smallmouth Bass. 

Handmade in the USA by Pond2Pro

Tournament Tested by Mike Watson

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Collections: Pond2Pro Lures

Category: Bass Jig, Football Head

Type: Football Swing Jig

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